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Sleep Testing

If you believe you may have sleep apnea, you must first obtain an official diagnosis from a certified sleep physician in a sleep test. In years past, a patient would have to sleep in a special lab to complete the test. But more modern sleep tests record what a “typical” night of rest would be like. Basically, at-home sleep testing in Mesa, AZ monitors your breathing, heart rate, and other vital signs throughout the night, potentially revealing the symptoms of sleep apnea in a more typical sleep setting.

What is a Take-Home Sleep Test?

Our team at Ocotillo Sleep Solutions can give you the freedom to sleep in your own bed and experience a normal night for the test. This at-home test consists of a small, easy-to-use device, which keeps disruptions to a minimum. The device you’ll use to test your sleep is an advanced technology with 3 different sensors on it, which monitor your sleep throughout your night of rest. There is a small nasal tube that measures airflow, an adjustable belt that monitors body position/respiratory effort, and a finger sensor that tracks your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

What Does a Take-Home Sleep Test Measure?

The test will measure your breathing pattern, heart rhythms, snoring, breathing depth, blood oxygen saturation, body position, and more. Once the data is collected, it is stored in the at-home test. We will combine this data to diagnose your sleep apnea and develop a solution that is personalized, and it also tells us how severe your condition is.

The Benefits of a Take-Home Sleep Test

We offer take-home sleep testing because of these amazing benefits:

  • Take-home testing allows you to sleep in your normal surroundings, giving you the best chance at a regular night’s rest.
  • You’ll enjoy remaining comfortable in your own home instead of at a lab.
  • Take-home tests are typically more cost-effective than testing in a lab.
  • It’s an ideal option for homebound or elderly patients who can’t visit a lab.
  • Take-home tests are more convenient with your busy schedule.

The Take-Home Sleep Test Process

On the day of your test, we’ll ask that you avoid napping or caffeine for the best results. You should also try to follow your daily routine as close as you can, going to bed at your usual time. You will attach the various sensors to your body as we instruct, and you may also need to keep a sleep log. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll bring the device back to our office.

ResMed Sleep Testing Device

The device we use for at-home sleep testing is from ResMed. This innovative instrument is easy to set up; we’ll provide you with all the instructions you need for a successful, stress-free test. All you have to do is attach it to yourself, go to sleep, and return it to our office the following day. Studies have demonstrated that at-home sleep testing devices from ResMed produce reliable results, so you can be confident in the diagnosis it provides.

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