ResMed At-Home Sleep Test – Mesa, AZ

OSA Diagnosis at Home

Do you suspect you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or another sleep disorder? Many people who experience symptoms of OSA hesitate to get tested. They dread the idea of spending a night in a strange laboratory with a bunch of machines hooked up to them. Is that true of you? Dr. Jones and the team at Ocotillo Sleep Solutions understand your concerns. That is why we offer convenient at-home sleep testing via an innovative device from ResMed.

How the ResMed Device Works

The ResMed appliance is a small sleep monitoring device that you can easily use without professional assistance. It consists of several different parts:

  • A recording device
  • An effort sensor
  • A belt, which attaches to the effort sensor and the recorder
  • A nasal cannula
  • A pulse oximeter

We’ll give you detailed instructions to ensure that you are wearing the device properly. Once you have it strapped on, you will simply go to sleep. As you rest, the machine will monitor some of your vital statistics, including respiratory effort, pulse, oxygen saturation, nasal flow, and snoring. Following the competition of your test, you’ll return the device to our office. An expert will analyze your results and then let you know whether you have OSA and how severe your condition is.

Benefits of the ResMed Device

A sleep test with the ResMed device offers some significant benefits, including:

  • Accurate diagnosis. Studies have found that the ResMed device’s accuracy is comparable to that of an in-lab polysomnography test.
  • User friendliness. The instructions for using the device are easy to follow. Most patients have no problems setting it up correctly.
  • Most medical insurance policies cover at-home sleep testing. Even if your policy does not, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for your time with the ResMed device. The overall cost is much lower than what you would pay at a regular sleep laboratory.
  • It might feel a little odd to be connected to a machine while you sleep, but the device shouldn’t cause any significant disruptions to your nighttime routine.
  • With in-lab sleep testing, you must deal with the hassles of traveling to a clinic, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, and remembering to pack all your nighttime supplies. The at-home nature of the ResMed device offers superior convenience.

Tips for Your Sleep Test with the ResMed Device

Here are a few suggestions to contribute to a successful test with the ResMed device:

  • On the day of your test, try to stick to your normal routine. The only adjustment you may have to make is to your caffeine consumption. We usually ask patients to abstain from caffeine after lunchtime.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about how to use the sleep testing device.
  • Try to sleep in your normal position.
  • Wear a shirt to bed so the device’s belt won’t irritate your bare skin.

Would you like to learn more about at-home sleep apnea diagnosis with the remarkable ResMed device? Contact our friendly team today to ask questions or request a consultation with Dr. Jones.